• Innovative Artificial Intelligence for Neuroimaging

    Advanced AI-based Image Analysis

  • User Testimonial

    "The ability to automatically detect new lesions and track slowly evolving/ expanding lesions through AI-medical’s Jazz software makes MS reading much more efficient... it really sped up reading times! Quantification of results also provides physicians with factual data for true precision/ personalized medicine."


    Dr. Nicolin Hainc MD, BSc,

    FMH Radiology & Neuroradiology. Staff Neuroradiologist,
    Department of Neuroradiology, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

    User Testimonial

    "The Jazz automated detection and reporting workflow allows to increase speed, precision and efficiency of analysis fourfold."


    Dr. Pascal Mosimann, MD,

    Associate Professor,
    Division Head of Neuroradiology, Joint Department of Medical Imaging, Toronto Western Hospital and University of Toronto, Canada

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