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AI Medical Team


Christian Federau.png

Dr. med. Christian Federau

CEO & Founder

Medical Doctor - University of Zürich,
MSc Theoretical Physics - ETH

Martin Ettling


MA University of St. Gallen

Ex McKinsey Consultant

Business Development

Elisabeth Hulik

Clinical Application Specialist


MRI Zürich

Software Development

Paolo Motta.png

Paolo Motta

Software developer

MSc Comp. Science & Engineering Politecnico di Milano / EPFL

Adrian Sager La Ganga.png

Adrián Sager La Ganga

Software developer

MSc Comp. Science & Engineering
EPFL, Lausanne

Screenshot 2024-04-11 083340.png

Grégoire Salha

Software developer

MSc Statistical Mathematics

Sorbonne, Paris

Screenshot 2024-04-11 083108.png

Eric Thalmann

Software developer

MSc Biomedical Engineering

ETH, Zürich

Screenshot 2024-04-11 083759_edited.jpg

Andrés Rama

Software developer

BSc Computer Sciences
ETH, Zürich

Sören Christensen.png

Søren Christensen

Medical Imaging Consultant

MSc Biomedical Engineering Aarhus University

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