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Our Story

AI Medical is a Swiss start-up focused on developing intelligent automation solutions for applications in neuroradiology. We develop intuitive, powerful, and easy-to-use diagnostic software solutions adapted for neuroradiologists to set a new standard in the quality and the quantification of neuroradiological reporting.

   AI Medical was founded in 2021 by PD Dr. med. Christian Federau, an experienced neuroradiologist with extensive programming and advanced image processing experience.
   The company’s first product Jazz is a highly efficient software for the assessment of magnetic resonance follow-up scans, ideally suited for multiple sclerosis and metastasis follow-up assessments. Jazz has an interactive user interface and built-in AI-based features to provide precise lesion detection and description in a minimal amount of reading time for radiologists. Further, it saves a standardized digitalization of the findings in the patient’s own anatomical space with unprecedented quantitative precision.

Experienced Leadership

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