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Jazz Enhances MS Lesion Detection

A study involving centres in Switzerland, France, and the USA tested Jazz, an AI tool by AI Medical AG, on 117 patients for automating MRI scan analyses in detecting multiple sclerosis (MS) lesions. Jazz detected 63 new lesions and 95 slowly expanding lesions (SELs), outperforming standard clinical reports, which identified 24 new and no SELs, compared to ground truths of 96 and 162, respectively. The tool reduced reading times to 2 minutes and 33 seconds per case. However, inter-reader agreement was moderate for new lesions (kappa = 0.5) and slight for SELs (0.08), pointing to Jazz's potential in improving lesion detection and indicating enhanced consistency among radiologists.

🤔 How could Jazz's ability to reduce evaluation times influence MS diagnosis patient care? Could further training or enhancements in the AI's algorithms address the moderate to slight inter-reader agreement on lesion detection?

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